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Serving Northern Indiana and 

Southern Michigan

We are Cliff and Allison Standiford, entertainers based in South Bend, Indiana.

In our experience balloons are NOT just for the young. Children of every age enjoy them. Adults often find these balloons so fascinating that they have requested bouquets or creations for their offices or their loved ones. I use high quality latex balloons from Qualatex, which are bio-degradable and use mostly water based pigments. 

A balloon will decompose in about the same amount of time as an oak leaf. (Suprising, isn't it!) 

Face painting is also very popular with all age groups. Although the very young, especially those under three, can often be afraid to let someone they do not know touch their face. The paint that Allison uses is theatrical quality face and body paint that is FDA approved and contains no latex. It feels natural on the skin when it dries and can be easily removed with soap and water.

We hope you will consider allowing us to help make your next party or event a real hit.   

Please be aware that due to scheduling and preparations needed, same day or next day requests are not possible.  


Thanks for viewing!