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Made to Order Balloons Made to Order Balloons Adams HS Track team 164158491 Hi Rob this one's for you Make me a bicycle, clown! 164158490 Special occaision? Creativity is my specialty! This was made for a graduate Filming major 164158492 Captain Frost Brrr 164158493 Chopper Another special request fulfilled 164158494 Like to fly? I have created bi-planes, helocopters, and blimps. 164158495 Bi-plane 2 164162157 A Variety of Center Pieces Angels, teddy bears, or love birds are just a few samples. 164158496 Pedal Power I would say burning rubber, but with balloons that could be bad. 164158497 Bowling Trophy Special for the tournament party 164158498 Birds in a Cage No feathers to clean up! 164158499 Christmas Decorations 164158500 Teddy Bear Bouquet One of my most requested table decorations. 164162153 Scuba Diver 164162154 Tricycle Rider One night, I was just wondering if it could be done... Yep! 164162155 Big Bunny Great for rabbit related events. 164162156 Luv Bug I made this one up for Valentines Day 164163062 Monkey 164360807 Blue Mustang 164366479 Cieling Crawlers It is important to take them down at night if you have motion sensors.. 164366480 A big Dodo Bird and some foul perched on my head! 164366481 Snowy Egret Noticed this painting in Florida and replicated. 164366482 Giraffe 164366483 Garden Gnome 164366484 Prowling Panther 164366485 Parrott 164366486